Celebrating valentine day

14th February is celebrated as a special day dedicated to love. Sathguru annually celebrates this day as a part of their workplace fun activities.
Red and white being the principle colors of the day, also were the theme of the party. This annual celebration looks to build positivity at the workplace and gives a much needed breather to the associates.

The event began with beautiful ‘shayeris’ in different languages which reminded everyone of the charm of love. It was followed by a “guess the numbers” game where a sealed bowl filled with toffies was passed around and the number of toffies inside had to be guessed by only the senses of sight and touch. The best guess was rewarded with the entire collection. A puzzling riddling game left the audience bamboozled and in splits.
Main attraction of the day was the “love game” that followed. Associates had to pick up names of fellow colleagues from a ‘love bowl’ and perform something special for them. A huge cake and some beautiful romantic numbers concluded the celebrations. event and the evening.

All the associates enjoyed the experience thoroughly and this evening came as a pleasant surprise to a lot of new associates, who hadn’t expected such a fun evening at their workplace.